Samoan tattoos

Samoan Tattoo Designs stands out against most tribal tattoos due to its complex appearance through the use of lines in varying weight spacing and so forth. This pack contains base images which are building blocks in designing a complete Samoan tattoo.
To make your experience easier we have included complete designs of traditional sleeve tattoo designed from building blocks included in this very pack. 

Conventional tattoo artists who are not well versed with digital Image Editing Applications will have minimum time and effort in using these building blocks to make a masterpiece so unique that you or your customer will be satisfied with its exceptionality.

samoan tattoos
The current designs used by Samoan tattooist are very conventional and diversity is limited due to the fact that a PSD product like this was never made available for digital artists.

Arm yourself with this Samoan Tattoo Pack and you can contribute to our efforts to add more variation to the already beautiful traditional art.



samoan tattoos


     samoan tattoos


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